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     The D-FY-IT (Drug-Free Youths In Town) Club, supervised by the TRUST counselor Ms. Angela Alfonso, is a proud and active organization at Coral Gables High School. Our mission is to support "the developement of healthy, productive, and drug-free youths."
         The DFYIT Club was implemented at Coral Gables High School to face this challenge head-on. As DFYIT members, we aim to prevent drug use among teenagers by educating our fellow peers on the dangers of drugs, providing community service activities, creating opportunities to develop leadership skills, and organizing educational field trips. The DFYIT Club is administered by and for students, with guidance from our faculty sponsor, Ms. Alfonso.

    Throughout the past year, our DFYIT Club has accomplished many things. Our greatest achievements include the '05-'06 Nicole Smith Greatest Achivement Award for our famous First Fridays! For a memorable high school experience filled with friendships and laughter, join DFYIT today!

D-FY-IT Advisers

Club Sponsor:

Program Specialist: Amanda Durst,

Contact Us:
Please get in touch! We are always eager to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions, and address your concerns. Our e-mail address is

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